DeMuro  Das  is an international design firm and the aesthetic and cultural coalescence of its founders, Brian DeMuro and Puru Das. Based in New Delhi and New York, but drawing inspiration from around the world; precisely modernist, but rooted in history; DeMuro Das believes in the quality of material, the value of collaboration, and the timeless nature of honest beauty.

Puru Das &
Brian DeMuro

Since their move in 2002 from New York to New Delhi, Brian DeMuro and Puru Das have been at the vanguard of India’s furniture and interior design scene. The duo’s refined standard for furniture design and intense focus on lasting quality has expanded to include a successful luxury interior design and interior architecture practice. Instilled with a sense of global curiosity, their work at DeMuro Das is regularly featured in leading design publications internationally and places them consistently among the Architectural Digest 50 most influential designers in India

DeMuro Das team

Amy Lee

Amy Lee joined DeMuro Das in 2017 as Partner and Director of DeMuro Das Inc., the company’s US-based arm, and is responsible for business development across the Americas. A graduate of Amherst College, Amy had a 16 year career at Morgan Stanley in New York City prior to joining DeMuro Das. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

DeMuro Das team